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Unlock your jewellery's value

You may not realise the value locked away in your broken jewellery or something you never wear any more. So why not put a price to it? At J. A. Wren jewellers we offer an on-the-spot valuation service for your gold, silver or broken jewellery based upon its weight, and will always give you the fairest price.

Get on-the-spot valuation for your gold, silver or broken jewellery based upon its weight. We also buy precious metals in scrap form - yellow and white gold, silver and platinum. If you need more information simply call us today.

Sell your broken jewellery, coins or scrap. We'll offer you a price upon verification and identification. Depending on the value and weight we can provide you with a monetary reimbursement or supply you with our company cheque of the same value.

Being a local family run business we will offer you a fair deal for any items you wish to sell. And with our retail shop you know we'll always be there. It's this trustworthiness and good service which sets us apart.

Stability and trustworthiness

Get the best price

Gold, silver and platinum items you don't want or wear, we'll pay for in cash. Call us today on 01920 462 556

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On-the-spot valuation